The Centre for Computing and Intelligent Systems (CCIS) is a research centre established to spearhead research in the field of ICT especially in intelligent computing, distributed computing, enterprise systems and multimedia systems. The centre holds the following missions:

  • To provide an efficient point of contact for management, cooperation and coordination between UTAR academic staff and external parties that seek collaboration and consultancy on software-related projects
  • To encourage multidisciplinary research and development activities
  • To promote research atmosphere among participants
  • To serve as a driving force for exchange of research skills, knowledge and expertise
  • To commercialize research outputs 
There are three research groups established under CCIS, namely:
  • Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems (CVIS) Group Data,
  • Information and Knowledge Management (DIKM) Group

Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems (CVIS)
  • Group Document Analysis and Recognition
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing
  • Pattern Recognition Machine Learning
  • Scheduling Layout Optimization
  • Evolutionary Algorithms Medical Imaging
  • Surveillance Systems Embedded Systems
  • Robotics

Data, Information and Knowledge Management (DIKM)
  • Group Database and Information Systems
  • Database Languages and Models
  • Multimedia Databases Mobile Databases
  • Query Optimization Information Search
  • Information Science Strategic Management
  • Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Big Data Analytics Ontologies and information integration Semantic Web Services and Semantic Technology